Why Jem ?
Well... Why not ?!

Well, it seems easy when we put it like that ! But Jem is first and foremost the result of 15 years of experience, spent training and coaching managers as well as directors. Therefore, we put all our savoir-faire and good practices in an easy-to-use digital tool.
You can also contact us or plan a demo
You can test it for free as long as you want.
It is the best way to know if the tool meets your needs. You can test the interviews and the feedbacks, plan goals or training programs for your employees. If you want to discover the HR part, we can organize a demonstration and put it to the test in your company.
ll your management in a single place.
All the aspects of staff management are gathered in a single tool. Do you prefer feedbacks or interviews ? No need to ask that question anymore : in Jem you have access to both features, separately or at the same time. And you can choose the different interview templates that fit your work environment the most.
Finally a tool for the managers and the employees.
Usually the best tools are for HR...but not anymore ! Managers and employees have a quality tool just for themselves. We greatly value the user interface and user experience of Jem. There is no reason anymore not to love managing.
Managing is our thing.
We are also an organization that offers management training programs. It means that in addition to providing a digital tool, we always give good advice on the subject. We can therefore help you in different ways : with the Jem chat, with personalized coaching or classic management training programs.
HRIS + Jem = <3 <3
Everyone has a role : the HRIS (Human Resources Information System) provides solutions to the administrative aspect of staff management, while Jem provides solutions to the human aspect of it. This is the perfect duo to fully manage the company. Since in a duo communicating is crucial, we will automatically converse with your HRIS to share information.
Quick implementation, with your history in this work environment.
Jem quickly finds its way in your company. In less than a week, we gather all the necessary data with your customized interviews and the different elements of your history in the company that you wish to have digitized.
A constantly evolving tool, always up-to-date, with relevant features.
We are constantly improving Jem so it always performs well as a tool and always includes the latest developments in the field of management.
Manage easily with Jem
You can also contact us or plan a demo