Jemanage simplifies the
manager's task

The manager's task is to help their employees succeed. Whether you need to lead your interviews, gather feedbacks or follow your employees' career developments, use Jemanage and discover the solutions it brings to help you achieve this task.
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Digitized management of all the interviews

You can now say goodbye to preparing on a sheet of paper or on a internal software from the last century.

No more reports in an old Excel file or stored in a safe.

With Jemanage, you can prepare, write the summary of the discussions and take decisions available for consultation even after the interview. When both you and your employee validate the interview, you immediately receive the report of the said interview.


Digitized management of all the feedbacks

To assess or confer with one of your employees regarding a specific topic, you can organize feedbacks.

It is a powerful tool to involve your team or gather everyone's opinions. It is also a more collaborative and participative way of managing that you can now try for free with Jemanage.

Use the Jemanage template questionnaires or your own for your interviews and feedbacks.
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Employees' professional monitoring

Jemanage helps you monitor all your employees' professional/HR data.

Here is an example of what you can manage with Jemanage :

During the interviews, you decide what actions you or your employees need to carry out.
#Individual Goals
Throughout the year and with your employees, you set individual goals, whose results you will then assess.
Manage the skills and how well they are acquired by your employees.
#Training Programs
Training programs represent important data for you and the HR branch. Group them in your Jemanage tool.
#Career Development Wishes
Your employee’s career path is evolving. Keep records of his or her job and salary evolution in Jemanage.

Employees’ performance management

Jemanage provides the managers with a monitoring chart in which you can adjust the KPIs you wish to see.

For example, you may analyze : your team's level of skill or their level of performance on their goals.

Since the best indicators are those you already have, we can add on demand customized KPIs to your monitoring chart.

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