Jem simplifies the
job of the HR

Jem provides solutions regarding the human aspect of jobs in HR by giving you access to a dedicated space, which enables you to manage and administer all the professional data of the employees. Jem is the only tool you need to manage every employee's career path.
Jem provides the HR branch with :
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Training programs management

As a HR manager you have access to a dedicated space to manage your staff's training programs. All the requests are saved, you can also allocate the costs and durations of every training program that has been done.


Performance analysis tools

Your HR space enables you to analyze and measure all the indicators of the company's success. From individual performance to quality of life at work, you can visualize the health of your company.

Whether you prefer interviews or feedbacks, Jem adapts to your management culture.

Interview campaigns management

Jem facilitates the entire management of your interview campaigns within the company.

Here is what Jem provides for your campaigns :

Choose a start and end date and a type of interview.
#Monitoring The Progress
You know exactly at what stage of the process the employees' interviews are. Which enables you to re-engage easily.
#Quality Of The Campaign
You have an overview of the employees' feelings at the end of the campaign and you can also determine its efficiency.
#Summary Of The Answers
In real time, you have access to statistics from the employees' answers to each question. Their relevance is highlighted by QWL or soft-skills questions.

Customizable KPIs

Jem provides you with quality KPIs, but sometimes it is not enough. Since the best KPIs are often the ones you wish to have, we develop them for you on demand.

If you are missing some features, we can develop them for you.

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