Jem simplifies the
employee's career path

The employees are the main actors in their career paths and must have an overall vision of their evolution.
Jem offers a unique space for you to find all your professional decisions as well as your evolution in the company.
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Training requests management

All your training programs requests can be found in your employee space. Therefore, you will know when they are updated and you will see your manager's or HR manager's answers.

Once a training program has been completed, you can assess it.


Management of your career developments wishes

Wishes of career development, of salary or rank are often formulated during interviews but, generally, the employee loses visibility on them once the interview is over. That is not the case with Jem, your wishes are saved and you are informed of the updates that are done.

With Jem you cannot miss any follow-up, all your professional decisions are there.

Performance management

Jem facilitates the management of the employees' personal goals by providing a clear structure for concrete goals.

Here is how Jem helps with goals :

What goal should be achieved ?
#Indicators of success
What quantitative or qualitative indicators demonstrate that the goal has been achieved ?
How can the manager help in order for the goal to be a success ?
What is the due date of the goal ?
What is the level of success of the goal after it was achieved ?

Skills management

The employees' hard skills can be added to Jem. For the company, it constitutes a reference source for skills, and allows for simpler assessments during interviews.

The managers will also be able to measure their team's level of expertise to lead it towards an Expert status.

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