Privacy Policy

A PLUS C commits to respecting all the personal information of our users and customers. Our Confidentiality contract displays the rules and procedures respected by our company, that fully apply to A PLUS C services as well as to all our hosted services.


Through this document A PLUS C intends to display its strong commitment to privacy and to the confidentiality of the information you share with us.

The following chapters aim at describing the way we collect and process professional data and personal information as part of our online Services, via

All the professional data and personal information that you entrust to us as part of our online Services remain your full and whole property.

They will neither be sold nor rented to external third parties.

You must register to access our online Services and use our apps. When you register, we will ask you to declare several pieces of information such as :

- Mailing address

- Name and contact information of the customer site administrator, including data such as phone number and email address

- Bank details necessary to pay for online services.

Scope of application

The present confidentiality undertaking only relates to the information collected via A PLUS C-owned websites. The websites owned by A PLUS C may contain links to external websites. A PLUS C shall not be liable for the use of personal data and information that would be collected through those external websites, for the way those data would be managed and processed, and for their contents.

Data collection

We provide our customers and potential customers with online forms so that they can register and subscribe to our Services.

Through these forms we collect personal information such as your name and contact information as well as banking details.

These personal data, collected when you registered for our Services, are used to contact you as part of the management and monitoring of your client account, to inform you of the availability of our Services and of updates and modifications made to it. The banking details that you provide to us are used for customer billing.

Our Services also collect network information linked to the use of our Services, such as IP addresses and user sessions. These data are used to identify a potential malfunction in our Services, to manage and improve our Services, to take part in developing our products and services, and to generate statistical information.

Use of data

We neither sell nor rent the data you share with us. In some circumstances, we may need to share a piece of data with technical or commercial partners selected by A PLUS C. Your personal data will never be shared with commercial partners without your consent. The information that we will be allowed to communicate to third parties will be limited to information strictly necessary to the smooth functioning of the partner service.

Regarding your banking details, we have selected a technical partner, a trusted third-party, who manages the transactions in our Services and guarantees an entirely reliable and secure service, with no risk of fraud. The banking details you fill in during your online subscription to our Services are therefore shared with this technical partner, with the necessary aim of guaranteeing completely secure transactions.

In some cases, we may need to share personal data if asked by competent authorities under conditions determined by law, or under the protection of A PLUS C property.

Use of Cookies

Like most websites, we use cookies (files stored on your computer) that are necessary to the smooth functioning of our Services and the customer Administration portal. You can suppress the storage of those cookies on your web browser. However, cookies will be necessary if you wish to access and use all our Services.

External links

Our Services may propose links to websites other than those of A PLUS C. A PLUS C shall not be held responsible for collecting or processing personal data that would be produced by external websites. We invite you to acknowledge each websites' confidentiality clauses.

Our commitment stipulated in this document only affects A PLUS C-owned websites.

Child protection

A PLUS C acts strongly in defense of the protection of minors on the Internet. A PLUS C websites are not meant to be used by minors. We do not collect any data or information on minors, not deliberately or in a way that would be contrary to the ethics and to child protection. In any case, we comply with current legislation and rules of good conduct in the field of child protection and respect.

Data security

A PLUS C took specific measures regarding the protection against risks of loss, function creep or modification of personal information and customer data. Exchanges of information between your computer and the servers that collect and process personal data or banking details are secure. Access to these data would require an authorization and is restricted to collaborators or partners.

Law on Computing and Freedom

In accordance with Article 34 of the French Law on Computing and Freedom, customers and potential customers having transmitted personal information through our Services have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete all data concerning them. Our files have been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) and we comply with the strict rules enacted by it. All customers and potential customers may exercise this right by writing to :

A PLUS C Affaires Juridiques
4, Quai Jean Moulin
69001 Lyon, France

Contact A PLUS C, deactivate your account

You can change and update your data at any time via your customer Administration portal. If you wish to deactivate your personal account and stop receiving information from A PLUS C, or if you have any questions regarding this confidentiality undertaking or our policy on collecting and processing customer data, you can contact us at this address :

A PLUS C Affaires Juridiques
4, Quai Jean Moulin
69001 Lyon, France

Modification of our data processing policy

A PLUS C reserves the right to modify its personal data processing policy at any time. If so, we will inform you of these changes through a post on our website

The customers who have access to all our Services have pledged to respect our General Terms of Use