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360° Feedback


To assess and self-assess in order to improve


The keys to a successful interview

- I respect the frequency of interviews
- I invite my employee a week in advance
- I prepare myself in writing
- I respect the chronology of questions
- I complete the action plan
- I update his personal data
- I have the report validated by my employee

- I call my manager again in case of interview cancellation
- I prepare myself in writing
- I answer by respecting the chronology of the questions
- I make proposals for action plans
- I read the report before validating the interview

Winning attitudes during the interview

The positive attitude :

It's an open look at the interview. Consider the success of the collaboration and pass on your confidence.

The right questions :

There are no wrong answers, there are only bad questions

The active listening :

Give real attention to his answers. Leave him the floor until he has left 4 seconds of silence.

First the positive :

So that the employee finds the energy and the desire to surpass himself.

Question to delegate :

Let the employee choose his path, so as not to confine him in a role of executant : "How do you plan to take it ?"

Control to help :
Do not let gaps widen, build trust by setting regular tracking points.


Encourages innovation and initiative
Aims at simplifying and clarifying
Communicates confidently and in a positive way
Acts transparently and shares information
Is spontaneously focused on the goal and on getting results
Deals with the unexpected without showing any signs of stress
Is open to new ideas and to changes
Is meticulous and reliable in his/her inputs to the team
Can communicate simply and directly
Shows himself/herself to be open-minded and attentive
Can value the team's goals before his/her own goals
Has a clear understanding of his/her role and the roles of the others

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